Zogoflex Air, WOX, by West Paw – Review

Manufacturer: West Paw
Model: Zogoflex Air, Wox
Dimensions: 4 x 6.5 x 5.8 inches
Best price: Amazon
Chew Strength: Moderate
Guarantee: Yes: the “Love It Guarantee”

Lucy Recommended: Yes

WOXThe name Zogoflex Air WOX seems appropriately bizarre for this floppy, wiggly, strange shaped toy. Oddly enough, this toy has survived better than any other toy in Lucy’s vast collection of toys. Sometimes I buy a toy for Lucy that I think will last forever only to find it in pieces within hours or even minutes. This one surprised me. It was a gift from Grandpa and when I saw the soft rubber and narrow legs I was sure this wouldn’t last long. To my surprise the WOX has survived better than any others in Lucy’s toy box. She’s had it for a couple years and it still has all its legs and no tears or missing pieces.

What is a Zogoflex anyway!?

Zogoflex is the uniquely formulated recycled rubber that is both soft and durable. The new Zogoflex Air is the same rubber compound that’s been injected with air to make it lighter and more flexible. West Paw has several toys made from this material, but today we’ll look at the WOX

Good for Big Dogs

When I look at the internet I see it has mixed reviews. It seems people either rate it 5 stars or 1 star – they either love it or hate it with very little middle-ground. Many say it’s not for aggressive chewers. When I looked more closely at the reviews it appeared that most of the people giving a low rating had small to medium-sized dogs like Terriers, Labs or German Shepherds. Many of the positive reviews came from larger dogs like Mastiffs.

Unique Shape

The unique shape and bouncy rubber make this toy fun for more that just chewing. The different ways Lucy carries it is hilarious. When playing fetch the three legs make it easy to pick up and funny shape makes it bounce unpredictably adding to the fun.

How You Play with it Matters

With this toy I think a lot has to do with how you play with it. If you introduce it with some playful taunting to encourage a chase or light toss to instigate some fetch it will survive as a loved toy.

If it is simply handed to them without any direction it may be perceived as purely a chew toy, which it is not. This is where I believe the bad reviews come into play. The Air Wox is a play toy that will hold up to some chewing.

Lucy will sometimes sit down and gnaw on one of the bulbous ends but the most fun is had chasing it after a light toss or simply carrying it around while it wobbles in her mouth. The wobbly design also makes it fun to shake.

Other Advantages

  • If you have an older Dane the soft rubber will be easier on their teeth.
  • West Paw’s “Love It Guarantee,” which is a one-time replacement or refund.
  • Made in America
  • 100% recyclable material – if you send in your worn-out Zogoflex toys they’re recycle them back into new toys and keep them out of our landfills.


This is a really fun toy. Fun for the dog due to the wobbly design – fun for you because of the hilarious faces they make while holding it in their mouth.

Not really a chew toy – an aggressive chewer that views it as a chew toy will likely damage it quickly.

We’ve had really good luck with the WOX. If you’ve tried a Zogoflex Air WOX let me know what your experience was like.

Remember, we’re in this together.

6 comments on “Zogoflex Air, WOX, by West Paw – Review

  1. Aabidah Ahmed

    This looks like a really great toy for bigger dogs to play with. I love big dogs, but you must have them as a puppy so that they grow with you as a family. 

    My dog plays with anything he sees. It’s really frustrating when he does this, but this toy looks like it will entertain him enough to stop chewing on everything. I’ll bookmark this post to show my husband.

    Thank you for covering this topic and all the best.

    1. Dave

      It’s important for dogs to have toys to keep them happy, mentally sharp and prevent them from chewing the wrong things.

      If you catch your puppy chewing something they shouldn’t, correct them with a stern tone of voice and immediately give them something they CAN chew on. Good chew-toys will save your furniture, shoes, and possibly your sanity. 🙂

  2. Harry

    My dog tends to play with whatever he sees within the house… I’ve tried to get him a few toys to keep himself occupied but he seems to break all of them very fast. Then he starts playing with my shoes or the remote control again which is the 4th I’ve purchased during the last 3 months by the way.

    This Zogoflex Air, Wox indeed seems durable. I’ll probably take your suggestion and try it out.

    1. Dave

      It’s true that dogs will play with almost anything. As I mentioned in the article one of Lucy’s favorite summer time toys is my pile of firewood!

      Dogs will get bored and when they get bored they get into trouble. Try getting a wide variety of toys; balls, ropes, stuffed animals, raw hide. They will go through phases choosing a different one each day. I put all Lucy’s toys in a basket in our family room and every day she will go in a pick out at least one, and it’s often a different one each day.

      You could even try bringing your dog with to the pet store and let them pick one out for themselves. West Paw has several other quality toys other than the WOX. 

      Let me know how it goes. Remember, we’re in this together!


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